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San Diego Mobile Acupuncture Reviews

Knee & Arm Pain

I know acupuncture and alternative medicine work because I have used both in the past to stop smoking when western pills and patches did not work. So when I saw San Diego Mobile Acupuncture was offering a promotion for new clients I decided to give Dr. Young’s practice a try. She used acupuncture to treat my knee and arm pain. After her treatments I had less pain and increased range of motion in my knee. The pain in my elbow and wrist were totally gone. I liked Dr. Young’s knowledge and the amount of needles she used in the treatment. I really enjoyed having my acupuncture therapy at home and not having to drive in traffic afterwards. If you want results, call San Diego Mobile Acupuncture today!.

~ Ms. Garcia

Neck Pain

Dr. Young is fabulous! I found this gem online, after going through a really bad neck issue and having been told by my Doctors that the only remedy would be surgical and fusion!  She took the time to explain the way we were going to proceed with the acupuncture therapy along with the recommended Metagenic supplements to reduce the inflammation in my neck muscles. When I started with her, I could hardly walk, could not rotate my head to my right and was in so much discomfort…after a couple months of acupuncture therapy I am happy to say that it’s as if I never had an issue with my neck/discs! I was once very skeptical of this form of medicine, but now I am a firm believer and I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Young to my friends and family! Dr. Young is truly an angel!

~ Carmen


I absolutely LOVE Dr. Young!  I have been coming to her for some time now and  she’s really good at her job.  Not only does she listen to you and what you’re feeling or experiencing in your day to day life, but she also gives good advice and suggestions on how to feel better.  I find that she genuinely cares for the well being of her patients and she is encouraging in a way that is uplifting.  I’m not going to go into detail about why I started seeing Dr. Young but I will say she is very calming will focus on the areas that are bothering you during that particular session.  I have always ended up feeling relaxed and centered after my therapy sessions.  I highly recommend her and will continue to see her for as long as I possibly can.  Also, it’s nice that you can use an HSA to pay for your sessions!  Definitely an added bonus.  Enjoy!


Lower Back Pain

Hi my name is Pete, I’m 56  I called Dr Young, we talk about my lower back problems caused by my job, my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10, was a 11 and I was unable to leave my house. She was so nice to squeeze me in the next day.  I have had Acupuncturist before about 20 years ago, so looking for a new good acupuncturist was very important to me. Well after the first session with her ,I felt a lot better, after the second session my pain level was around 3 to 4.  I can’t explain to people how happy I felt when I was able to touch my toes again.  Man, I will never take it for granted the simple things in life.  I was able to return to work!  My job for the last 35 years has been delivering LIQUOR & WINE, repeatedly lifting heavy cases, so back problems are a concern of mine. I have scheduled more sessions with Dr. Young and look forward to them, she has helped put me back on the right track to get my life back.  Thank you!

~ Pete

Neck Pain

I had a reoccurring injury in my neck that caused pain to the shoulder and arm.  My primary put me on few medications. I also had some chiropractic adjustments as well.   After 2 months I was still in PAIN..  My doctor suggested injections into my neck..  That was just not an option for me.  So I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I found Dr, Young online through a google search.   She took the time to explain the treatment process and made you feel comfortable.   All I can say is that after my 3rd treatment I no longer needed to take my prescribed medication.  And the PAIN went from a 12 to a 2.  Today I had my 5th treatment and I feel GREAT!!!  I would recommend Dr. Young to all my family and friends.


Bells Palsy

Dr. Young has helped me tremendously.  When I came in with my Bells Palsy I had lost half of my facial functions after about 12 treatments, I have regained most of my movement of the facial muscles and feel like I am on the fast pace to becoming completely cured.  My neurologist was astonished by my quick recovery because he had never seen such a fast recovery from this condition in his experience.  Dr. Young is simply amazing, always attentive and nurturing.  This is one of my life’s simple best experiences.



I’ve been seeing Dr. Young for about 6 months now and the experience has been wonderful. She is experienced and very knowledgeable as it relates to a balanced mind and body promoting optimal health. I leave my sessions feeling energized and renewed. So glad I found her. With Dr. Young, you can’t go wrong.

~ Tony


Dr. Young has been such a blessing in our lives!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 8 years.  Dr. Young began our session by getting to know me and my husband. She asked a ton of questions and asked us what our goals were with acupuncture. She went over everything with us, from diet, exercise, herbs, food journaling, tracking my basal temp, and to sleeping habits. She definitely covered all of the items needed for us to get pregnant. She’s truly passionate about helping couples create a family. She listened to our needs & concerns and helped us every step of the way. She set a plan for us (mostly me) with herbs, diet, and weekly acupuncture appointments. She made it clear, that I was an adult and she wasn’t going to make me follow her directions. But if I wanted to succeed I knew I needed to do what she asked. With Dr. Young’s guidance and weekly appointments, my husband and I will be expecting our first child in June!! She has been more than an acupuncturist – she was a counselor, teacher, nutritionist, coach, and friend. We’ll definitely continue our visits with Dr. Young!

In addition to our fertility challenges, my husband deals with sleeping & stress issues. His sleep and stress has improved over the past year from visits with Dr. Young once a month.


Acute Low Back Pain

I came in with a lot of pain in my lower back and the inability to straighten up.  Dr. Young asked me a series of questions and administered the acupuncture therapy and e-stim.  I was able to straighten upright after the treatment and I healed quickly.  Dr. Young is a very kind, a good listener, and really seems to care about people.  I tell all of my friends who complain about any ailments or pain to go see Dr. Young.


Chronic Pain

I started seeing Dr. Young for chronic upper back/neck/shoulder pain.  My pain was so bad that I could not sleep at night.  I started feeling relief after the first treatment.  I felt comfortable discussing my pain and other health concerns with Dr. Young.  I really appreciated that she listened to me and that she was willing to use smaller needles on me and not place needles on my toes and fingers per my request.  She also checked on me very often to make sure that I was comfortable.  I can honestly say that after a year and a half of being treated by Dr. Young I sleep throughout the night and only have small flare ups from time to time that she addresses with regular acupuncture sessions.  I highly recommend Dr. Young.  She is a wonderful and compassionate person who really cares about her patients.



I was experiencing pain, bloating, and irregularity in my whole stomach.  It was very worrisome to me because nothing seemed to help and I thought I might have a serious condition.  Not only did Dr. Young help my pain and discomfort, but she also eased my concerns and developed a treatment plan in which I was comfortable and confident; Dr. Young ordered food allergy testing.  We worked on my diet and used points to quickly alleviate the pain and pressure.  We created immediate balance and I continued to feel better with every treatment.  After a few weeks I was pain free and learned some tools to better take care of myself and continued to take supplements that Dr. Young has prescribed me for my digestion.  I highly recommend Dr. Young to anyone who can use nurturing care and re-balancing, Thank you!


Neck , Pain, and Shoulder Pain

I sought out acupuncture for very sore muscles in my head, neck, shoulders.  After the initial treatment the relief was 85% improved within 48 hours, and lasted for several weeks afterwards.  We discussed my former acupuncture experiences/successful/failures and developed a treatment plan.  I appreciate the quality of care and result of treatment I received with Dr. Young.


Quality of Care

Dr Young is a good diagnostician and treats accordingly with excellent results.  She is fast, efficient with compassion and understanding of her patients.  She is very knowledgeable; I have gone to different acupuncturist for over forty years and her treatments benefit me impeccably.  Dr. Young doesn’t have to experiment, she know what to do!


Chronic Neck Pain

I have had pain in my neck and upper back for several years.  Dr. Young was very cordial and professional and asked me questions about my pain level and general information.  She told me she was about to put in the needles and her touch was so light, I barely felt any of the needles going in.  She then left the room so I could relax alone and I fell asleep.  When she came back to remove the needles I felt a strange euphoria and the pain did seem to vanish.  In additional sessions, Dr. Young has successfully lowered my high blood pressure and reduced my stress level.    Dr. Young is a very professional and talented practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an alternative treatment for pain, hypertension, or weight loss.



Being a doctor myself, I have always been interested in alternative medicine and wanted to give acupuncture a try. I had seven treatments over the course of several months.  Dr. Young’s demeanor was always pleasant and professional.  Her bedside manner put me at ease and allowed for a relaxing experience each session.  I noticed an overall sense of increased calmness and well-being following each appointment.  I would recommend Dr. to any of my friends who want to experience rejuvenating and potentially transforming way of treating the mind and body. Thank you for everything, Dr. Young!

~ JingYi

Low Back Pain

My chiropractor recommended Dr. Young for Acupuncture and I’m glad she had the time to squeeze me in last minute when I was really needing some pain relief! I started going to Stephanie about 5 months ago on a regular basis and it has definitely been one of the best acupuncture experiences I’ve ever had. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and requests and is very experienced in her job. My back pain has tremendously improved since then.  I highly recommend her!


Irregular Menstruation

I sought acupuncture to aide in the regulation of my ovulation.  I started to see Dr. Young when two of my closest friends were regular patients of hers and personally referred her to me  .   Dr. Young is extremely warm yet professional.  After only two sessions, I did menstruate after 60 days without a menstrual cycle.  I had a very personalized experience, quite relaxing.  Anyone asking me for acupuncture professional will be sent Dr. Young’s way!

~ Angela

Upper Respiratory Infection

I started coming down with bad cold symptoms today, and asked to be seen on short notice. Dr. Young took time to explain what she’d be doing, and made me comfortable through the whole treatment. I actually feel asleep several times!  After about a half hour, I was totally relaxed. My breathing was clearer and I felt more energy. She provided some health counseling (I gotta get off the coffee wagon!) and gave me some dietary tips to help get rid of my symptoms.  She also provided some herbs to help get my body back on track and keep me healthy. She explained what each of the herbs would do for me, along with a little bit of the Chinese background of each herb.
Dr. Young is really kind, and provides such a personal touch.

~ Gene


A friend of mine recommended Dr. Young to me because she was knowledgeable in thyroid issues.   I was concerned with my TSH (thyroid) level.  She recommended supplements and to change my diet.  My TSH was as high as 40.  Seeing Dr. Young for acupuncture therapy after 4-5 months, my TSH level decreased to 4.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to take meds thanks to Dr. Young.  I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.

~ Annabel

Chronic Back Pain

A friend recommended me to see Dr. Young for my chronic back pain.  I didn’t know much about acupuncture but I was so tired of taking ibuprofen for my back pain which gave me a lot of stomach problems; I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I was nervous but after talking with Dr. Young I was able to relax.  She recommended I needed to see her twice weekly for a month.  Amazingly, after only 4 treatments I felt much better I was able to reduce my pain med to half.  After a month of acupuncture therapy my back pain was 90% percent better, I haven’t  taken any pain med for the last 3 months.  I am now a believer in acupuncture.  I still  see Dr. Young once a month for my digestive problems and to keep my back healthy.  Thank you Dr. Young!

~ Anh


I had been taking the Depo shot as birth control for about 5 years and when I finally went off it a year had gone by and I hadn’t gotten my period back. My PCP referred me to a fertility center which had a panel of tests that I took but if everything came back good (which it did) the only thing left was to go on hormone therapy. Before doing that, it was suggested to me to try acupuncture.

I found Dr. Young online through an online search for “San Diego Acupuncture”. I appreciated the amount of info she gave on her website and after talking to her immediately felt comfortable sharing my problem with her. She is an incredibly understanding and easy person to talk to and is infinitely knowledgeable about her field. After the first session I had spotted for my first time in almost 6 years and now about one year later I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby!

Dr. Young is an amazing acupuncturist, she knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to tell you honestly what she recommends. I could not imagine having gone through this journey with anyone else! I would recommend her to anyone to treat anything!



After much searching for a great acupuncturist I have finally found that in Dr. Young, the owner.

She is a warm, compassionate, friendly, and fun lady who is knowledgeable in the treatment of chinese medicine for various medical problems and needs.

I felt so comfortable from beginning to end of my session… it was as though I was chatting with a friend while getting treatment, and it was also very relaxing.  I cannot wait for my next treatment.


Chronic Pain

Highly Recommend!  I’ve been seeing Dr. Young once a week for the past few months and the lasting benefits of acupuncture have been amazing. I’ve suffered from muscle tension in my neck and back for years and tried just about everything else. After just a few treatments with Dr. Young I have noticed a huge improvement and can now enjoy an active lifestyle that I’d been missing.  Dr. Young’s approach to her treatment is personal, caring and she really takes the time to understand what you’re suffering from and what your goals are in seeking acupuncture treatment. Then she customizes your treatment based on your personal needs. She knows her stuff and can answer any questions you may have about treatment options and Chinese medicine philosophy.  Give her a shot – you won’t be sorry!

~ Amber

Back Pain

Dr. Young is great, she is very friendly, kind and knowledgeable about her practice.  I have some chronic back problems which I am amazed that after just 6 treatments I notice a big difference, I am much more comfortable.  She even taught me some exercises to help make my back stronger.  Dr. Young has also helped me with my anxiety which is also going well.   I would highly recommend Dr. Young.



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